How To...Print Transparencies

The ability to print transparencies becomes available when you select transparencies as the Paper/Media Type for the body of your document. Transparencies can be printed with or without separator pages. Separator pages are pieces of paper that are inserted between each transparency. Separator pages can be blank or printed.   

To print transparencies:

  1. Open the driver from your application's Print dialog Properties.

  2. From the Paper/Output tab, click Select Paper.

  3. On the Document Body tab, select Transparency from the Paper Type options.

  4. By default, transparencies print with blank separator pages. If you do not want separator pages or want to set specific characteristics, choose the Transparency Separators tab. Choose an alternate option and/or paper color.

  5. Click OK twice to close the Select Paper dialog and the printer driver.

  Transparency settings have no effect when you print on any other paper or media type, or when you specify a Paper Tray instead of setting the Paper/Media Type to Transparency.

Printed separator pages are not supported by all Xerox Systems.