How To...Save Driver Settings

The printer driver enables you to define, name, and save specific printer driver job settings. Rather than picking print options each time you open the printer driver, you can simply select one of your saved job settings and print your document.

You can name and save up to 50 different sets of job settings. The 'Xerox Defaults' setting contains the settings set by Xerox and cannot be changed. 'My Defaults' initially contains default settings from Xerox but can be changed by a System Administrator. This feature allows an Administrator to standardize a company's printing default settings.

To save printer driver settings:

  1. On the Paper/Output Tab, click Save...

  2. On the Save As... dialog, highlight the text in the Job Setting Name field and type a name to characterize the job settings. The name should help you distinguish these settings from other saved settings.

  3. If you have Administrator rights and are working in a shared environment, you can select Share Job Setting to make the job settings available to Point-and-Print client PCs.

  4. Click Save to retain the job settings.

  To delete saved job settings, select a name from the list and click the Delete button.

'Default All' restores settings to the settings defined in the 'My Defaults' named job.