How To...Turn Banner Sheets Off/On

Banner sheets contain user and other print job information. They print before each document, separating printed documents in the output trays. Banner sheets can be configured (or disabled) in several places, including the CentreWare printer driver, the Xerox system, an application, or network software.

The CentreWare printer driver default is to print a banner sheet with each document printed by the Xerox system. However, simply deselecting this option in the driver may not guarantee that it will not be printed. The Advanced tab or General tab may also contain banner sheet settings.  

When a banner sheet is enabled to print at the Xerox system's control panel, it always prints, regardless of the settings in the CentreWare printer driver or network software.

Third-party software applications can also have banner sheet options that enable printing of banner sheets with one or all print jobs.

Additionally, network software can be configured to always print banner sheets with each print job. Some organizations may require a banner sheet because of print volume.   

  See your Network or System Administrator if you have disabled banner sheet printing and a banner sheet is still being printed with your documents.

To select or deselect a banner sheet in the printer driver:

  1. Open the driver from the Printer folder Properties.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Select Paper/Output.

  4. Select Banner Sheet and choose On or Off.

  5. Click OK to close the driver.