Printer Driver Quick Reference Cards

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Feature Finder

The Feature Finder is a quick reference card to help you locate the many printing options that you can use through the printer driver to enhance the printing of your documents. Find out what a printer driver is, where it is located, and how to use it. Print out a graphic representation of the Printer Driver to remind you of the many options you can use and where they are located on the printer driver.

  PostScript Driver Feature Finder Card

  PCL Driver Feature Finder Card

Feature Facts

The Feature Facts is a quick reference card of selected printing options, such as Watermarks, Booklet Layout, and Stapling. Learn what you can do with these features to enhance the printing of your documents. Print the card and post it as a handy reference.

  Feature Facts Card



  These reference cards are provided in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format. To obtain a free Acrobat reader, go to