Working with Business Cards
Business cards


Nowadays business cards are a common and wide-spread thing. You will probably get them from business partners and also from friends and acquaintances. It is very convenient as all the information about one person is concentrated on a small piece of paper, but how do you keep them?

We offer you a simple and convenient way of inputting and storing your business cards in the computer - a FineReader way. All the business cards are processed and stored in a FineReader batch. You may use the information available via full-text search to find the necessary business card really fast (you may search for any information put on a business card - the name of the company, the last name, the phone number, ect.). The list of business cards found will be displayed in the Search window. Select the business card you want in the search result list to open and read it. 
You may add new business cards to the batch or edit the already recognized ones in the Text window. 

  1. Put business cards into the scanner (as many as you like). 

    Attention! The business cards must be arranged so as to form a "table structure". Allow some distance between rows and columns. You may orient the cards either horizontally (the longer sides of cards are arranged horizontally in this case) or vertically, but not these two modes together.

    Set the following scanning parameters: 

    • resolution - 400-600 dpi (to recognize small fonts on business cards successfully it's necessary to scan them in a resolution higher than the default 300 dpi setting). 
    • scan mode - grayscale or color.
  2. Click the 1-Scan button.

  3. In order to increase the recognition quality you should split the scanned images in such a way as to have a batch page created for each separate business card. The deskewing, layout analysis and recognition will be performed for each card separately in this case. 
    To do all this, select the Split image item in the Image menu. The Split image dialog will open. Click the in the dialog and then click ОК. New pages will be created in the Batch window: each page will contain an image of a single business card. The source image  (the one that contained many business cards) will be removed from the batch. 

    Note: If the image was split into business cards incorrectly, you may try to split the image manually: use the and . buttons. In order to move or delete a separator click the  Select separator button () and move the separator where you want it to be. To delete a separator just move it outside the image border. To delete all separators, click the button.

  4. Set the recognition language. If necessary, select several recognition languages. But remember, increasing the number of the recognition languages used simultaneously may have a negative effect on the recognition quality. The reasonable number of languages to be used simultaneously is 2-3. Check the fonts selected on the Formatting tab before you read your documents: these fonts must contain all the characters of the recognition languages you select, otherwise the recognized text will be displayed incorrectly (there will be "?" or "□" symbols instead of letters).

    Click the 2-Read button.