Working with PowerPoint Handouts



Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools for creating presentations. A presentation consists of a number of slides containing visual representations of the content material. Slides are often printed out and handed out to the audience.

You may wish to convert your printed copy of the presentation into electronic form. One page will typically contain form three to six slides printed in very small font, which may have an adverse effect on recognition.

To improve the recognition quality of PowerPoint printouts:

  1. If the slides are printed in very small font, scan the document at 400 -600 dpi instead of the usual 300 dpi.
  2. Split the scanned image so that a separate batch page corresponds to each slide. To do all this, select the Split image item in the Image menu. The Split image dialog will open. Click the in the dialog and then click ОК. New pages will be created in the Batch window: each page will contain an image of a single slide. The source image  will be removed from the batch. For more information on how to split an image into several batch pages, please see Working with Business Cards.
  3. Now you can process each slide separately just like any other document (automatic mode is also available).

Once all the handouts have been scanned and processed, you can recognize, edit, and save them in any supported format, including PowerPoint.