Simple Letter (small font size and/or incorrect scanning brightness)

Situation description: documents with simple layouts usually do not require any additional scanning and recognition settings. Additional settings may be needed if:

  • the font size is too small; 
  • incorrect scanning brightness has been selected. 
Simple Letter (incorrect scanning parameters)


  1. Small font

    To recognize small fonts in a document successfully you need to scan it with a high resolution i.e. 400-600 dpi (instead of the default value of 300 dpi).

    This document was scanned twice with different resolution values. Compare the results by viewing the acquired images in the Zoom window with the Pixel-to-pixel scale, menu View>Zoom Window Scale:

    300 dpi (Font_300.tif ) 600 dpi (Font_600.tif )
  2. Incorrect scanning brightness

    The "Increase scanning brightness to make image lighter" message appears during recognition of Font_300.tif . This message appears because the wrong brightness value was set.

    The scanned image has to be legible. In our example the image has a lot of defects - surplus dots and "glued" letters (view the image in the Zoom window)

     - this is a view of Font_300.tif in the Zoom window.
     - an example of a successfully recognized image

    To find out more about setting the brightness paraemter please see "Tips on brightness tuning" section.

Solution: First, increase the resolution value up to 600 dpi. Then, increase the brightness value (making the image lighter) or scan it in the grayscale mode (brightness autotuning is used in this case). Open and read Font_600.tif to view the difference made by using the suggested solution.