Activating Dictionaries when You First Run ABBYY Lingvo

Activation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of an Activation Wizard that is built into the program. The Activation Wizard has a friendly interface and is used for sending the necessary activation information to ABBYY.

Activation information is sent as a code (Product ID), which is generated on the basis of information about the computer on which ABBYY Lingvo 12 is installed. No personal information about the user or computer is used for generating this code and this code cannot be used for identifying the user.

Activating dictionary

When you first run ABBYY Lingvo 12, the program prompts you to activate the installed dictionary.

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  1. Click Activate Dictionary (serial number required). The ABBYY Lingvo 12 Activation Wizard will be launched.
    Note: If you choose not to activate the dictionary at first launch, you can activate the dictionary at a later time.
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  2. In the dialog box that opens, enter your serial number and click Next>.
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  3. Select an activation method:

via the Internet

Activation is carried out automatically and takes only seconds to complete. An Internet connection is required for this method.

If, for some technical reason, activation via the Internet fails to complete successfully, launch the Activation Wizard from Help>Activate Dictionary. In the dialog box that opens, select by fax or otherwise.

by e-mail

The program will prompt you to send an e-mail message to ABBYY containing the information required to activate the dictionary. The e-mail message will be generated automatically. You will receive an Activation Code in reply.

Important! Be sure not to alter the subject field and the body of the generated e-mail message.

by phone

Select your country in the corresponding dialog box of the Activation Wizard. The wizard will show the telephone numbers of the nearest ABBYY office or partner in your area.

Communicate the serial number and the Product ID of your copy to the technical support manager (you will see this information displayed in the Activation Wizard).

Important! Activation Codes may be as long as 60 characters and take some time to dictate over the phone.

by fax or otherwise

In most countries, you can also activate your dictionary by fax. The text of the fax containing the required information will be generated automatically. The wizard will ask you to print out this text and send it to the fax number indicated on the form. Be sure to write or type in your own fax number, to which your Activation Code will be sent.

You can also obtain your Activation Code, at any time, on the program Web site at
Type the serial number and the Product ID of your copy in the corresponding field of the on-line form (you will see this information displayed in the Activation Wizard).

  1. Once you have received your Activation Code by phone, fax or e-mail, enter this code in the corresponding dialog box of the Activation Wizard.

    If you interrupted the activation process, you can launch the Activation Wizard again by going to Help>Activate Dictionary…. Enter your serial number again and then select the Enter Activation Code option.

      Show me the dialog box

    Note: When activating via the Internet, you do not have to enter any Activation Code.

  2. Click Next>. In the dialog box that opens, enter your registration data.
  3. Follow the instructions of the Activation Wizard to complete the activation.

Once the activation is complete, the dictionary can be used in full mode on the computer where it is installed.

You can re-install ABBYY Lingvo 12 on one and the same computer, using the same Activation Code, as many times as you need. However, if you make substantial changes to your system configuration, format your hard disk or re-install the operating system, you will need to activate the product anew.

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