DSL Compiler Interface

Show me DSL Compiler
Option Description
Source file properties
Source file The path to the source *.dsl file. Select the required file from the drop-down list.
Browse… Browses for files.
Encoding Selects the encoding for your file.
Output file properties
Output file The path to the output *.lsd file.
LUD (Editable user dictionary) Creates an editable user dictionary.

This option is enabled only when compiling user dictionaries with the *.adc extension created in older versions of ABBYY Lingvo or user dictionaries with the *.lud extension created in ABBYY Lingvo 6.0, 6.5 and 7.0. In these cases you will need to have the corresponding .adt and .adx files which contain dictionary cards.

LSD (Non-editable user dictionary) Creates a non-editable user dictionary.
Compile Compiles the dictionary.
Help Opens the DSL Compiler help file.
Close Closes the dialog box.
Create error log file (*.dde) Logs compilation errors. Lexemes with errors (*Error) will not be added to the dictionary.
Output warnings Displays error messages.
Create dictionary ready for indexing Automatically marks index zones within cards.

Important! Do not select this option when compiling dictionaries with [trn] and [/trn] tags.