Displaying Chinese Characters

To be able to view Chinese characters, you need a corresponding font.


One of the fonts that supports Chinese characters is Arial™ Unicode™ MS, which is installed together with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2000, Microsoft Office XP, and Microsoft Office 2003.


When installing one of the Microsoft Office applications indicated above, Arial Unicode MS is installed automatically if standard setup is selected. If you did not install Arial Unicode MS when installing Microsoft Office, you can install it later:

  1. Select Start>Settings>Control Panel and then click Add or Remove Programs.
  2. In the Add or Remove Programs dialog box that opens, select the version of Microsoft Office installed on your system and click Change.
  3. In the Microsoft Office 2003 Setup dialog box that opens, select Add or Remove Features and click Next.
  4. Select the option named Choose additional customization of applications and click Next.
  5. In the Advanced Customization dialog box, select Universal Font (Office Shared Features>International Support) and then select the required installation mode.

Note: As a general rule, you can use any font that supports both Chinese and Cyrillic characters.