Creating DSL Dictionaries

In ABBYY Lingvo you can create your own dictionaries which "look and feel" exactly like the system dictionaries. Such dictionaries must be written in the DSL language. 

You can format DSL dictionary entries to suit your lexicographic needs (e.g. you can use bold, italic, and underlined fonts, text colours, and indents), add links to sound or image files, and cross-references to other entries. Each entry may have several zones: translations, comments, and examples.

To create a DSL dictionary:

  1. Write the dictionary entries in the DSL language. (You can use any text editor to create a simple *.txt file.)
  2. Save the text in ANSI or Unicode.
  3. Change the extension of the file to .dsl.
  4. Compile the DSL dictionary.

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Note: If you decide to use your own user language, ABBYY Lingvo will treat it as English, but morphology support will not be available for such a language.