Adding User Dictionaries to the Bookshelf

ABBYY Lingvo allows you to place user dictionaries (i.e. dictionaries which you created yourself or obtained from other sources, e.g. downloaded from on to the Bookshelf.


Adding an editable user dictionary or a DSL dictionary to the Bookshelf

To add a user dictionary, do one of the following:

The dictionary will be added to the Bookshelf and included into the current group for the corresponding translation direction. A monolingual dictionary will also be included into the default dictionary group. However, if a dictionary with this name is already in a dictionary group, it will not be added.

Note: If you are adding dictionaries which were created in ABBYY Lingvo 11 or earlier, these dictionaries are automatically converted to the new format.

Important! User dictionaries created in ABBYY Lingvo 12 cannot be used in ABBYY Lingvo 11 or earlier.


Indexing a DSL dictionary

If you wish an added DSL dictionary to be used for full-text searches, you must include the dictionary into the overall index. Newly added dictionaries can be indexed:

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