Running ABBYY Lingvo

To launch ABBYY Lingvo, do one of the following:

The ABBYY Lingvo main window will open.

Starting ABBYY Lingvo in another application

To launch ABBYY Lingvo from within another application:

  1. Select a word or phrase in the text of the application.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Press Ctrl+Ins+Ins or Ctrl+C+C
    • Click (ABBYY Lingvo) on the toolbar of the application (available in Microsoft Word)
    • On the shortcut menu, select Translate with ABBYY Lingvo... (available in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Internet Explorer)

An ABBYY Lingvo card with the translation will open.

Important! If ABBYY Lingvo is already running on your computer, you can also look up words in other applications by pointing your mouse pointer to the desired word.