Card Window / Shortcut Menu

 Item  Description
 Translate  Translates the selected word or phrase.
 Find Searches for the selected word or phrase in the entire text of all the enabled dictionaries of the current dictionary group.
 Show Word Forms… Shows the grammatical forms of the selected word.
 Send to Search Field Copies the selected word or phrase into the search field.
 Copy to Clipboard  Copies the selected word or phrase to the Clipboard.
 Add to ABBYY Lingvo Tutor Dictionary  Adds the selected translation from the card to the card with the same headword in the ABBYY Lingvo Tutor dictionary. The following will be added as translation:
  • the word or phrase select in the text of the entry
  • the word or phrase located under your mouse pointer (if no word or phrase is selected)
Help…  Displays help information about the card window.