Card Window Overview

A card window displays the translations of the word or phrase and additional information about the word, such as synonyms, antonyms, usage comments, and examples. A card is only displayed if there is in an entry in one of the enabled dictionaries which corresponds to the word or phrase you typed in the search field or selected in another application.


  Show me a card window

The title bar displays the headword of the entry and the translation direction.

The card toolbar displays the command buttons which are used to set up the card properties, change the appearance of the card, and add words to a Tutor dictionaries.

The navigation panel displays the list of dictionaries where the word has been found, the Maximize All/Minimize All commands, and the Search button (initiates a full-text search).

The entries. In many cases, ABBYY Lingvo will find a word in more than one dictionaries. The corresponding entries will be displayed in the card window in the order corresponding to the order of their dictionaries on the Bookshelf. Click the names of the dictionaries in the navigation panel to jump to the entry from the desired dictionary.

The text of an entry may have several zones:

To view the entire text of an entry:

Use theALT+ [] and ALT + [] combinations to navigate the entries.


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