Show me the Dictionaries tab of the Languages and Dictionaries dialog box
Option Description
Translation direction allows you to change the translation direction of the selected dictionary group. To select a translation direction, click the source language (on the left) or the target language (on the right) and select a language in the drop-down list that opens. To reverse the translation direction, click .
Dictionaries Dictionary Lists all the installed dictionaries of the selected translation direction and the monolingual dictionaries of the source language.
Dictionary type Displays the type of the dictionary: System, User (.lsd), or User (.lud).
Add... Opens the Add Dictionaries dialog box which allows you to select and add a new user dictionary. When you click Open, the name of the selected dictionary appears in the Dictionary column.

The dictionary will be added to the Bookshelf, into the current group corresponding to its translation direction. A monolingual dictionary will also be added to the All Dictionaries group. If a dictionary with this name and translation direction already exists in some group, the dictionary will not be added.

Create... Opens the New Dictionary dialog box, where you can create an editable user dictionary.
About... Displays information about the selected dictionary.
Remove Removes the selected dictionaries.
Update Index... Updates the index to make full-text searches possible in newly-added dictionaries.
Path to user dictionaries The path to the folder where user dictionaries are to be stored.
Close Closes the Languages and Dictionaries dialog box.