The History dialog box contains a list of recently opened cards and the latest translation requests.

The upper part pf the dialog box contains the following links:

To the right of the headword of a card or a word (phrase), the language pair of this card or search term is displayed in grey colour.


  1. Card histories for previous sessions with the program are also saved.
  2. The number of records displayed in the Card history and Search history lists is limited to 100 per each list. 

To view the entry of a word in the History dialog box, click a record.

Note: To move to the next record, use Tab; to follow a link, press Enter.

Show me the History dialog box

History: Shortcut Menu

Item Description
Send to Search Field Places the selected word or phrase to the search field.
Save History to Fileā€¦ Saves the history to a file.
Clear History Clears both history lists.