Translation Options

ABBYY Lingvo allows you to adjust numerous program settings to suit your needs.

Languages and dictionaries
Selecting languages
You can select only those languages that you need for your translation work. This will speed up searches in all active dictionaries and language detection when translating words from within other applications.

You can select the required languages in the Languages and Dictionaries dialog box (Tools>Languages and Dictionaries…).

Selecting dictionaries
You can select only those dictionaries that you currently need for your translation work:
  • When you translate specialist texts, you can select a dictionary group comprising the required specialist dictionaries. The name of the selected group is displayed on the Languages and Groups bar of the main program window. To select a different dictionary group, click the name of the dictionary group, and select a new group in the drop-down list that opens.

All enabled dictionaries of the selected dictionary group are displayed on the Bookshelf. Only enabled dictionaries are used for looking up words and phrases and for full-text searches.

  • You can add a dictionary to a group. To do this, click  on the Bookshelf. In the list that opens, click the dictionary that you wish to add to the group. A tick will appear next to the dictionary name and the dictionary will be added to the group. The icon of the dictionary will appear on the Bookshelf.
  • To disable a dictionary, click the icon of the dictionary on the Bookshelf.
Translation and search
Changing the translation direction
To change the current translation direction, on the Languages and Groups bar, click the source language (on the left) or ] target language (on the right) and select a new language in the drop-down list that opens.

To reverse the translation direction, click the button (Reverse translation direction).

Setting up one-click translation from other applications
You can set up the behaviour of the program when translating from other applications on the Translation tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…).
Setting up full-text search

You can select full-text search options on the Search tab of the Options dialog box (Tools>Options…)