How to Buy ABBYY Lingvo?

Thank you for your interest in ABBYY products.

ABBYY creates software programs that make your life easier and liberate you from monotonous routine jobs.

For detailed information about ABBYY Lingvo 12 dictionaries, please see About ABBYY Lingvo

Where you can buy ABBYY Lingvo

Russia and the CIS:

  1. in computer shops
  2. in online stores

Other countries:

  1. in the ABBYY online store
  2. in the nearest ABBYY office

Should you have any questions about purchasing ABBYY products, please write to us at or contact one of the ABBYY offices.


Installing ABBYY Lingvo on several computers

If you wish to install ABBYY Lingvo on more than one computer, you need to buy the appropriate number of licences.

There are two types of ABBYY Lingvo licence: per seat and concurrent:

ABBYY Lingvo can be installed either locally, or over a network.

Network installation is particularly convenient if you company has many PCs connected into a LAN. In this case you must first install ABBYY Lingvo on a server and then deploy it on workstations by using powerful installation and administrative tools such as Microsoft® Active Directory, Microsoft SMS, and Task Scheduler.

In the case of local installation the system administrator will need to run the installation procedure on each individual computer. This method is can be used if you do not have a LAN or if the number of computers is fairly small.


  1. The more licences you buy, the smaller the price of one licence. The discounts are listed in the price list available at You can also order a price list from
  2. Special discounts of 40% are available to educational and health-care institutions.