Exercise Window

The ABBYY Lingvo Tutor exercise window is where you learn words and phrases from the selected Tutor dictionary.

  Show me the exercise window 

You can switch between the full and brief views by clicking the and buttons.

Exercise window elements


The current word or phrase is highlighted in bold.


Below is the field where you type the translation.


The button opens the dictionary window.


The button checks the translation.


The button displays the first letter of the translation as a cue. 


Other buttons:


The button (Word Forms) displays the grammatical forms of the current word.


The   button (Play Sound) plays the pronunciation of the current word or phrase. This button is only available if the current word or phrase was added from an ABBYY Lingvo card for which sound is available.


The Transcription field displays the pronunciation of the current word or phrase.  Note:  Transcriptions must be 23 symbols or less. Longer transcriptions will not be displayed.


The Card status field displays the status of the current word or phrase. You can change the status by clicking the arrow to the right.


The Example field provides illustrative examples for the current word or phrase.