Installing/Removing Dictionaries

Dictionaries are installed and removed via your desktop PC.

To install/remove ABBYY Lingvo 12 for Palm Handheld dictionaries:

  1. Run the PDA Setup Manager on your desktop PC (Start>Programs>ABBYY Lingvo 12>PDA Setup Manager>Palm® Handheld).
  2. Follow the instructions of the setup program.

You can select and install only those system dictionaries you really need on your Palm device. You can also install user dictionaries compatible with ABBYY Lingvo 12.

Important! The names of user dictionaries to be installed on a Palm device may include only the letters of the English alphabet and digits.


  1. On the palmOne Tungsten T5, select Files and browse to the folder where you installed the Lingvo dictionaries (Programs>ABBYY Lingvo>Dic).
  2. Select the dictionaries you wish to remove and on the shortcut menu, select Remove.