Main Window

ABBYY Lingvo 12 for PalmĀ® Handheld supports both portrait and landscape display modes.

In either mode, you can select one of the two views of the main program window:

You can toggle between the two views in the Options dialog box (Tools>Options).

The figure below displays the main window in portrait display mode set to Card and Word List view:



Main window elements


Toolbar. You can use the buttons on the toolbar to change the current translation direction, display menus, paste text fragments into the search field, show the on-screen keyboard, etc. (The set of buttons displayed on the toolbar depends on the selected view of the main window).

Word list. Displays the alphabetically arranged list of words from all the enabled dictionaries for the current translation direction. Use and to move up or down the word list. Tapping any word in the word list will display its dictionary card.

Search field. This is the field where you can enter a word, a phrase, or a text fragment to translate. Tap (Translate) to translate the word or phrase in the search field. Tap to display the history of the last ten searches. Selecting the History... command opens the History window with a complete history of searches. Tapping an item in the list opens the corresponding card.