Item  Description
Languages and Dictionaries… (Ctrl+D) Opens the Languages and Dictionaries dialog box, which has the following tabs: Dictionaries, Dictionary Groups, and Languages.
In this dialog box, you can add/remove languages and dictionaries, and create/edit dictionary groups.
Add Dictionary… Opens the Add Dictionaries dialog box.
Create/Edit Card… (Ctrl+Num+) Opens the Create/Edit Card dialog box, where you can create and edit cards in editable user dictionaries.
Menu Bar  Shows/hides the menu bar.
Languages and Groups Shows/hides the Languages and Groups bar.
Bookshelf  Shows/hides the Bookshelf.
Command Bar  Shows/hides the command bar.
Always on Top (Ctrl+T) Snaps the ABBYY Lingvo main window and its dialog boxes to the desktop so that you always see them even when you switch to other applications.
Arrange Cards (Ctrl+A) Arranges open cards so that all headwords are visible
Close Temporary Cards and Dialog Boxes (Shift+Esc) Closes all temporary cards. To make a card or dialog box permanent, click in the right-hand corner of the card or dialog box.
Close All Cards and Dialog Boxes (Shift+F2) Closes all open cards, both temporary and permanent.
Run ABBYY Lingvo Tutor… (Ctrl+M) Runs ABBYY Lingvo Tutor, an application for memorizing words.
Options… (Ctrl+O) Opens the Options dialog box, where you can change program settings on the General, Translation, Find, and View tabs