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Indent a line or paragraph

You can indent text that is contained within RichTextBox objects in Microsoft® Expression Blend™ in the following ways:

You can apply one or more of these different kinds of indents to a single paragraph. If your text object contains multiple paragraphs, you can apply indent properties to each paragraph separately within the object, or you can apply properties collectively to all paragraphs within the object.

To indent a paragraph
  1. Select the RichTextBox object that you want to format, by using either the Selection tool or the Direct Selection image of Direct Selection tool tool.
  2. To format only part of the text in the object, right-click the object, click Edit Text, and then drag the pointer to select the text that you want to format. To format only one paragraph at a time, simply place your cursor somewhere within the paragraph that you want to format. Otherwise, continue to the next step.
  3. In the Properties panel, under Text, select the Line Indent tab.
  4. Set the Left Indent , Right Indent , and First Line Indent properties as desired.