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Formatting text

Options for formatting text in Microsoft® Expression Blend™ appear under Text in the Properties panel. By setting these properties, you can control characteristics of the text in your application, including font size and style, line height, paragraph spacing, text alignment, list style, and other typographic options.

You can set additional properties to format your text under Common Properties in the Properties panel. These properties enable you to control text wrapping, to set whether the text is read-only or is editable by users of your application, and more.

You can set more advanced options under Miscellaneous in the Properties panel.

In addition to the properties that are specific only to text objects, you can also set other properties for text objects that you can set for any other type of object in your application. For example, you can set the color of your text by setting properties under Brushes in the Properties panel. You can rotate, flip, and skew a text box by setting properties under Transform in the Properties panel. You can set the dimensions and layout properties of a text box by setting properties under Layout in the Properties panel.

You can bind all formatting properties to data. For more information, see Binding to data and Bind data to a property or element.

See the following topics for more information about formatting text: