The main toolbar is positioned at the top of the main window and contains buttons for the major commands available in the application:

Show me the main toolbar...
  1. The Scan button scans business cards.
  2. The Open button opens business card images.
  3. The Export All button exports all the captured business cards.
  4. From the Export to drop-down list, you can select a destination where to export the captured contact. You can export contacts to Microsoft Outlook, save them to the vCard format, or send them by e-mail.

The toolbar at the top of the Contact Details pane contains buttons for the actions that can be performed on the currently selected business card.

Important! The buttons on this toolbar will only affect the currently selected business card and will not affect the other cards in the left-hand pane.

Show me the toolbar....
  1. The Export Contact button exports the contact data from the selected business card.
  2. The Rotate Card button rotates the business card:
    • right (Rotate Right);
    • left (Rotate Left);
    • 180° (Rotate Upside Down).
  3. The Delete Card deletes the business card.
  4. The Adjust Card Borders opens the Adjust Business Card Borders window.
  5. The Change Card Language… link allows you to change the language for the selected business card.

For details, see Main Window.