Scanning Facing Pages

When scanning facing pages from a book, both pages will appear in a single image. See Sample Image.

To improve OCR quality, split the facing pages into two separate images. The program features a special mode that automatically splits two facing pages into two separate images in the ABBYY FineReader document.

Scanning facing pages or dual pages:

  1. Open the Options dialog box from the Scan/Open tab (Tools>Options…).
  2. Check the Split dual pages option in the Image Processing group.
  3. Scan the pages.

The automatic splitting option is also available in the image opening dialog (File>Open PDF File/Image…) and ABBYY FineReader's scanning dialog box. For details, see Selecting the Scanning Interface.

Important! If the image contains text in Chinese or Japanese, use the Edit Image dialog box to split pages manually. These types of images are not supported by the automatic page splitting feature.

To split facing pages manually:

  1. Open the Edit Image dialog box (Page>Edit Page Image…).
  2. Use the options in the Split group to split the page.

For details, see Edit Image dialog box in Editing Images Manually.