Creating a Task

To create a task:

  1. Either:
    • click the New button in ABBYY Hot Folder or
    • in the main ABBYY FineReader window, click the arrow next to the Save button and select the Read Document Later… command
      A new task will be displayed, with the steps Run once and Open FineReader document already selected.
  2. Select how often the task should be launched:
    • Run once (the task will be launched once at the time you specify)
    • Recurring (the task will be launched multiple times)
  3. Specify the folder or document that contains the images to process.

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  4. Click Analyze and read.

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  5. If required, select the Save FineReader document step.
  6. Click Save document and specify the folder where to store the recognition results.

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  7. Click OK.
    The set-up task will be displayed in the ABBYY Hot Folder main window.


Important! For tasks to start, your computer must be turned on and you must be logged on.