Common Tasks

Click the Common tab in the New Task window to access the quick tasks that cover the most frequent usage scenarios.

  1. Select the document languages from the Document language drop-down menu located in the upper section of the window.
  2. In the Color mode drop-down list, select full color or black-and-white.
    Important! Once the document is converted to black-and-white, you will not be able to restore the colors.
  3. Click the appropriate button for your task:
  1. As a result, a new document with the recognized text will open in the application you have selected. When the Scan and Save Image task is completed, the image saving dialog box will open.

Important! When you run a quick task, data are converted based the program's current options. If you have changed application options, re-run the task to recognize text with the new options.

For more about built-in tasks, see ABBYY FineReader Tasks.