Task Steps

To create your custom automated task, select one of the actions available for each step:

  1. FineReader document

    This is always the first step in an automated task. Once you select it, it will be moved to the right-hand pane.

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  1. Acquire images

    This step is optionl if at the previous step you selected Select existing document or Use open document.

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  2. Analyze

    At this step, the program analyzes images to identify text areas, picture areas, table areas, or barcode areas. The Analyze step will be added automatically when the Read step is selected.

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  3. Read

    The options used for recognizing images depend on the options selected at the FineReader document step.

  4. Save / Send

    At this step, you can select the formats to which ABBYY FineReader should save the recognition results. You can also program ABBYY FineReader to send the results to a certain application, send the acquired images or text by e-mail, or create a copy of the ABBYY FineReader document. An automated task may have more than one saving step.
    Specify the saving options to be used:

    • Use the saving options selected in the program when the task starts
    • Use custom saving options

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