E-book Tasks

Use the tasks on the E-book tab of the New Task window to convert images to EPUB, FB2, and HTML, which are widely used for electronic books. The EPUB and FB2 formats are based on XML and store each e-book in a single file. They are compatible with many e-book reading applications and devices.

  1. Select the document languages from the Document language drop-down menu located in the upper section of the window.
  2. In the Color mode drop-down list, select full color or black-and-white.
    Important! Once the document is converted to black-and-white, you will not be able to restore the colors.
  3. Select a format for your e-book: EPUB, FB2 or HTML.
  4. Click the button with the name of the task that you wish to use:
    • Scan to EPUB/FB2/HTML scans a paper document and converts it to an e-book format of your choice
    • File (PDF/Image) to EPUB/FB2/HTML converts PDF documents and image files
    • Photo to EPUB/FB2/HTML converts digital photos
  5. The document with the recognized text will be opened in the appropriate application.
    Note: If there is no e-book reading application installed on your computer, clear the Open document after saving option in the Save As dialog box.


Important! When a built-in task is launched, ABBYY FineReader uses the options selected at the moment of launch. If you adjust the options, launch the task once again to recognize the texts with these new options.

For more about built-in tasks, see ABBYY FineReader Quick Tasks.