Checking and Editing

Recognition results are displayed in the Text window. Uncertain characters are highlighted in color in this window. This makes it easy to locate possible errors and quickly correct them.

You can edit the output document either directly in the Text window or with the built-in Verification dialog box (Tools>Verification…), which lets you browse through uncertain words, find spelling errors, add new words to your dictionary, and change the dictionary language.
For details, see Checking Text in the Text Window, Checking with the Verification dialog box.

ABBYY FineReader also lets you adjust the formatting of recognized text.

You can edit recognized text in the Text window with the buttons on the main toolbar and the Text Properties panel (via the shortcut menu of the Text>Properties window).

Note: When ABBYY FineReader performs OCR, it automatically detects the document's styles. All of the selected styles are displayed on the Text Properties panel. By editing styles, you can easily change the formatting of the entire text. ABBYY FineReader preserves all styles when saving text to RTF/DOC/DOCX/ODT formats.

For details, see Using Styles and Checking Text in the Text Window.