The Scan/Open Image Tab in the Options Dialog

Option name

Option description

Scanner group
Select source Sets the scanner driver for ABBYY FineReader to work with. The name of the driver you select will be displayed in the driver line.
Use FineReader interface Specifies that FineReader Scanner Settings dialog will be used to set scanning options.
Display options dialog before scanning This option is useful if you want to check the scanning parameters before scanning. Available only if the Use FineReader interface option is set.
Scanner Settings (button) Opens the Scanner Settings dialog so you may set the scanning parameters. Available only if the Use FineReader interface option is set.
Use TWAIN-source interface Specifies that the TWAIN-source dialog will be used to set scanning options.  
Image Preprocessing group
Invert image

Some scanners invert images (turning black color into white and vice versa) during scanning.
You may want to apply the Invert Image option to make the document appearance standard, i.e. black font against a white background.

Despeckle image Use this option to have FineReader remove the excess dots from the image before analyzing and recognizing the page. 
Split dual pages Use this option to split the images of book pages into two separate batch pages. The recognition quality will increase, and you'll be able to save each page to a separate file in this case.
Detect image orientation (during recognition) Detects the page orientation and, if necessary, restores the page's standard orientation (the page text should be read top-down and text lines should be horizontal).
Note: Page orientation is detected during recognition.  
Convert color and gray images to black and white Use this option to reduce the disk space occupied by your batch; useful if there are no color pictures/color font/color background on your image or if you don't want to retain the color in the recognized text.
New Page group
Ask for page number before adding page to the batch If you set this option, FineReader will ask you to specify the page number before it adds it to the batch; useful if, say, you're scanning many double-sided pages sorted by their numbers or if you are scanning all even pages first, and then the odd pages.
Open image during scanning Use this option to control the scanning quality more directly.  When the scanner is finished scanning a page, it will be displayed in the Image window.