Page Numbering

Each scanned page is given a number. The number given by default is the number of the last batch page plus one. 

You can also set page numbers manually. You might wish to do this, if, for example, you wish to retain the original page numbers or scan pages according to page number:

If you are scanning a large number of double-sided pages according to page number:

  1. Select the Ask for page number before adding page to the batch item on the Scan/Open Image tab(Tools>Options).
  2. Specify the number of the first scanned page in the Page number dialog, then select the Odd and even separately option in the Page numbering field. Select the page numbering order: ascending or descending depending on the way in which the double-sided pages have been entered into the automatic document feeder, i.e. on whether the last page or the first page has been placed on top.