Working with an Image

  1. Despeckle image

    The recognized image may have a large amount of "dust" present on it, i.e. a large number of excess dots. The dots arise in the case of documents of medium-to-low print quality, and dots located close to character outlines may have an adverse effect on recognition quality. To decrease the number of dots:

    To despeckle a particular block:

    Note: If the original document is very faint or set in a very light font, despeckling the image may cause periods, commas, and very thin character parts to disappear, decreasing recognition quality.

    If you scan or open "dusty" images, select the Despeckle image item in the Image Preprocessing group on the Scan/Open Image tab (Tools>Options menu) to have images despeckled before the application adds them to the batch.

  1. Invert image

    Some scanners invert images (turning black into white and vice versa) during scanning.

    You may wish to apply the Invert Image option to ensure that documents have a uniform or standard appearance, e.g. a black font against a white background. To do this:

    Note: If you scan or open inverted images, select the Invert image item in the Image Preprocessing group on the Scan/Open Image tab (Tools>Options menu) before adding these images to the batch.

  1. Rotate or Flip image

    Recognition quality depends greatly on an image having a standard orientation (the text should be read from top to bottom and all lines should be horizontal). By default FineReader automatically detects page orientation during the recognition stage. If FineReader detects page orientation incorrectly, clear the Detect image orientation (during recognition) item on the Scan/Open Image tab and rotate the image manually so that it has a standard orientation:

    To flip the image:

  2. Clear block

    If you do not wish a certain image area to be recognized or if you have large areas of dust present on the image, you can simply erase them. To do this:

  3. Increase/Decrease image scale

  4. Get image information 

    The following image information can be obtained: image width and height in pixels; vertical and horizontal resolution per inch (dpi); image type. 

  5. Print image
    To print the image open in the Image window, the images of pages selected in the Batch window, or all batch page images:
  6. Undo the last action

    Tip: To undo the Undo action click the Redo button on the Standard bar .