Software and Hardware Requirements

You will need the following to run FineReader:

  1. PC with Intel® Pentium®/Celeron®/Xeon™, AMD K6/Athlon™/Duron™ or compatible processor. Processor must be 200MHz or higher
  2. Microsoft® Windows® XP, Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® NT® 4.0 with Service Pack 6 or greater, Windows® ME/98 (for working with localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required)
  3. 64 MB (Windows XP/2000/NT 4.0), 32 МB (Windows Me/98), plus 16 MB of RAM for each additional processor (in the case of a multiprocessor system)
  4. 150 MB of free hard-disk space for typical program installation
  5. 70 MB of free hard-disk space for program operation
  6. 100% TWAIN-compatible scanner, digital camera or fax-modem
  7. Video card and monitor (min. resolution 800×600)
  8. Keyboard, mouse or other pointing device

Note. Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later is required for carrying out searches in recognized pages and reading news on the ABBYY Community news channel (only for ABBYY FineReader 7.0 Professional Edition).


Installing ABBYY FineReader
Starting ABBYY FineReader
Connecting a scanner