FineReader "talks" with scanners via the TWAIN interface. This is a universal standard adopted in 1992 to unify the interaction of computer image inputting devices (such as scanners) and external applications. There are two ways in which FineReader can "talk" with a scanner via a TWAIN driver: 

Both modes have their advantages and disadvantages 

When you select the Use TWAIN-Source interface option, the preview image option normally becomes available. The option allows you to set the scanning area and tune brightness precisely, and to see how changes affect the previewed image. Note, however, that different scanners have different TWAIN driver dialogs. For instructions on how to use your scanner's TWAIN dialog, consult your scanner's documentation.
If you select the Use FineReader interface option, you have access to the following additional features: a) you can scan multiple images using scanners without ADFs; b) you can save scanning options in the batch template file (*.fbt) and use them for other batches.

Switching from one mode to the other is easy: 


  1. The Use FineReader interface option may be unavailable (or disabled) in the case of certain scanner models.
  2. If you wish to see the Scanner Settings dialog in Use FineReader interface mode, select the Display options dialog before scanning item on the Scan/Open Image tab (Tools>Options).

Important: Consult the documentation supplied with the scanner to ensure it is set up correctly. After connecting the scanner to the computer, don't forget to install a TWAIN driver and/or the scanner software.

To start scanning:

Click the 1-Scan button or select the Scan item in the File menu. The Image window containing a "photograph" of the scanned page will appear in FineReader's main window.

If you wish to scan several pages, click the arrow to the right of the 1-Scan button and select the Scan Multiple Images item.

If scanning does not start right away, one of following two dialogs will open:


To start recognition immediately after the source images are scanned, use the Scan&Read or Scan&Read Multiple Images option:

Click the arrow at the right of the Scan&Read button and select either Scan&Read or Scan&Read Multiple Images item in the local menu.

FineReader will scan and read the images. The Image window displaying a "photograph" of the scanned page and the Text window displaying the recognition results will appear in FineReader's main window. The recognized text may be exported to various external applications and saved in various formats.

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Scanning multiple images
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Reading the image
Saving the page image
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