The Image Menu

Menu item: What does it do:
Block Type/Recognition area Sets the block type to Recognition Area.
Block Type/Text Sets the block type to Text
Block Type/Table Sets the block type to Table
Block Type/Picture Sets the block type to Picture.  
Block Type/Barcode Sets the block type to Barcode.
Rotate Clockwise Rotates the image 90° clockwise.
Rotate Counter-clockwise Rotates the image 90° counter-clockwise.
Rotate Upside Down Rotates the image upside down (180°). 
Flip Horizontal Flips the image horizontally.
Flip Vertical Flips the image vertically.  
Invert Image  Inverts the image. Increases the recognition quality of inverted images (white characters against black background).
Despeckle Image Removes excess black dots from the image. 
Despeckle Block  Removes excess black dots from a block.  
Save Blocks Saves block template to a file.  
Load Blocks  Loads block template and applies it to the current page. 
Choose a Tool/Draw Recognition Area Draws a recognition area. Click the 2-Read button to analyze and read the drawn block. The recognized text will appear in the Text window. 
Choose a Tool/Draw Text Block  Draws a text block. The block may contain only one-column text without pictures or tables. 
Choose a Tool/Draw Table Block Draws a table block. FineReader will automatically analyze the table after it starts the recognition. The block is displayed as a table in the recognized text. 
Choose a Tool/Draw Picture Block Draws a picture block. The block may contain a picture or any other part of the text you want to be displayed as a picture in the recognized text.
Choose a Tool/Select Objects Moves the block borders. Selects and modifies blocks. To select and move several blocks, drag the arrow over the blocks you want to select.
Choose a Tool/Add Block Part Adds a rectangular area to a block.
Choose a Tool/Cut Block Part Cuts a rectangular area from a block. 
Choose a Tool/Renumber Blocks  Renumbers the page blocks. The block numbering determine the order in which the recognized text is displayed in the Text window. If you renumber the blocks on an already recognized image, the text in the Text window will be rearranged accordingly. 
Choose a Tool/Delete Block Deletes a block.  
Choose a Tool/Add Vertical Separator Adds a vertical separator to a table.
Choose a Tool/Add Horizontal Separator Adds a horizontal separator to a table. Select this item and then click the place where you want the new horizontal table separator to be.

Note: To convert a horizontal separator into a vertical one hold down Shift.  

Choose a Tool/Delete Separator Deletes any table separator.
Choose a Tool/ Erase Paints an image area with background color.
Split image Allows you to split image in several parts. The split page will be removed from the batch, its place will be occupied by the pages representing its parts.