Block Types

Blocks are image areas enclosed in frames. They tell the system which image areas are to be recognized and in what order. The blocks also influence the way in which the original page layout is retained. Different types of blocks have differently colored frames. Block frame colors can be changed on the View tab of the Options dialog (Tools>Options menu) in the Appearance group. Select the required block type in the Item field and the color you want in the Color field.

The following block types are available:

Recognition Area - this block type is used for automatic recognition and analysis. After you click the 2-Read button, all blocks of this type will be automatically analyzed and recognized. 

Text - this block type is used for text image areas and should only contain text formatted in one column. If there are pictures inside the text, draw separate blocks around them.

Table - this block type is used for table image areas or for areas of text structured in a table. When the application reads blocks of this type, it draws vertical and horizontal separators inside the block to form a table. This block is represented as a table in the output text. You can draw and edit tables manually.

Picture - this block type is used for image areas containing pictures. A block of this type may enclose an actual picture or any other object (e.g. a section of text) you wish displayed as a picture in the recognized text.

Barcode - this block type is used for barcode image areas. If your document contains a barcode, and you do not want it to be displayed as a picture but as a series of letters and numbers in the recognized text instead, draw a separate block for the barcode and set the block type to barcode.
Note: It is possible to have barcode analysis and recognition carried out automatically, but this option is not set by default. To enable this option, select the Look for barcodes item on the Recognition tab (Tools>Options menu).

Drawing and editing blocks manually