Using Block Templates

If you are processing a large number of documents with an identical layout (e.g. forms or questionnaires), analyzing each page's layout separately will prove extremely time consuming. To save time you can create a block template, i.e. a standard set of blocks of a particular type that corresponds to the layout of your pages, and then apply the template to all pages you wish recognized that have the same layout. 

Note: Documents should always be scanned using their respective template(s) and using the same resolution as that used to create the template(s).

To create a block template:

  1. Open an image and draw the blocks automatically or manually.
  2. Select the Save Blocks item in the Image menu. The Save Blocks as dialog will open. Type a file name for the block template in the dialog.

To load a block template:

  1. Click the Batch Window and select the pages you wish to apply the block template to.  
  2. Select the Load Blocks item in the Image menu. The Open Blocks dialog will open. 
  3. Select the relevant block template file in the dialog.  
  4. Click the appropriate Apply to item in the group. The All pages item applies the block template to all batch pages, the Selected pages item applies the block template to selected pages only 
  5. Click the Open button.