How to Create a New Language

To create a new recognition language:

  1. Select the Language Editor item in the Tools menu.
  2. Click the New button and in the resulting dialog select the Create a Copy of the Language button, then select your preferred source language.
  3. The Simple Language Properties dialog will open.

Set the following language parameters for the new language (all parameters are entered in the Simple Language Properties dialog):

  1. The new language name.
  2. The basic alphabet to be used by the new language. This parameter is set in the Alphabet field. If necessary, edit the alphabet by clicking the button. 
  3. The dictionary to be used by the application (for both recognition and spelling check purposes). You may choose one of the following:


  1. Click on the Advanced button in the Simple Language Properties dialog to set advanced properties for the new language e.g. characters to be ignored, prohibited characters, etc.
  2. By default, all new user languages are saved into the batch folder. Note that ABBYY FineReader Corporate Edition allows you to specify the folder to which the language should be saved. For more information on group work with user languages and dictionaries, see under "Group work with the same user languages and user dictionaries".