Saving Recognized Text in HTML Format

Layout retention modes are set on the Formatting tab in the Options dialog (Tools>Options menu).


To retain pictures in a HTML file:

HTML formats available:

  1. Full (uses CSS and requires Internet Explorer 4.0 or later) - the latest HTML format - HTML 4 - is used. HTML 4 supports all document layout retention types (the actual retention type used depends on the options set on the Formatting tab in the Retain layout group). The built-in style sheet is used.
  2. Simple (compatible with all (Internet-) browsers) - HTML 3 format is used. The approximate document layout is retained i.e. the first line indent is not retained but the approximate font size is (HTML 3 format supports only a limited number of font sizes; FineReader will choose the HTML 3 format font size that corresponds to the actual font size of your text). This HTML format is supported by all browsers (Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer 3.0 and later).
  3. Auto (saves Full and Simple formats in a single file with autoselection depending on browser type) - both formats (Simple and Full) are saved to the same file. The browser you use will determine the format that is used.

Note. If your browser has no full HTML4/CSS support (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or earlier, Netscape 4.x, etc.), we recommend using the Simple saving mode.

To set the HTML format of your choice:

Note: The application detects the code page automatically. To change code page, select the code page of your choice in the Code page field on the HTML tab in the Formats Settings dialog.