Acquiring Images from the Hot Folder

(Corporate Edition only)

If your company uses network multi-functional devices combining the functionality of the scanner, printer and copier, you can set up FineReader to automatically acquire images from such MFDs. 

One of the methods that can be used for this purpose is folder monitoring. FineReader can monitor a specified folder on a local disk, in a network, or on an FTP server. In this mode, the program will automatically open all the scanned images, faxes and PDF documents added to the "hot" folder. Once the image has been added to the FineReader batch, it is deleted from the monitored folder.

To enable the Hot Folder:

When the Hot Folder mode is enabled, the icon on the Scan button will change its appearance, the Hot Folder dialog is opened and the icon is displayed in the status bar. In the case of an error, the icon will change its appearance to . Double-click this icon to view the error message.

To disable the Hot Folder mode: