The General Tab in the Options Dialog

Option name

Option description

General Settings
Interface language Selects the interface language. All the system reports, dialog captions, buttons and menu items will be displayed in the selected language. To change the interface language, select the language you want from this list and click the OK button, then restart ABBYY FineReader.
Open last batch at startup Set this option if you want ABBYY FineReader to open the last batch you worked with automatically at startup.
Adjust image to fit printable area while printing Set this option if you want an image to be adjusted to fit printable area while printing.
Options group
Save Options...
Saves the options set for the current batch into a separate file. These options are set on the Scan/Open, Read, Check Spelling and Save tabs and in the Formats Settings dialog. User patterns and languages created during working with the batch are saved too.
Load Options...
Loads the previously saved batch options.
Reset to Defaults
Sets all options to default values. Keep in mind that user patterns and user languages are not set by default. If a batch you select this option for contains user patterns and/or languages, they will be deleted (ABBYY FineReader will prompt you if you actually want to delete them).
Legacy Options... Opens the Legacy Options dialog box where you can select additional options for  scanning/opening, recognition, check spelling and performance.