Manual Table Layout Analysis

Tip: If automatic table layout analysis has incorrectly drawn table rows and columns, editing the automatic analysis results instead of deleting all the blocks and re-drawing them manually is usually more efficient.

Editing a table manually:

Use the following Image toolbar tools to edit a table:


 - Add a vertical separator

 - Add a horizontal separator

 - Remove a separator

If the table cell only contains a picture, select the Treat cell as picture item in the Block Properties dialog (menu View>Properties). If the table cell contains both text and pictures, draw a separate picture block (or blocks) inside the cell.

To merge table cells or rows:

Note: To avoid drawing horizontal and vertical separators manually, draw a separate table block, then right–click on it. Select Analyze Table Structure in the local menu. The system will then draw all the necessary separators. Should the system draw any separators incorrectly, you can edit the table manually.