Saving the Recognized Text in PDF Format

All saving options for PDF format are set on the PDF tab in the Formats Settings dialog. To open this dialog, click the Formats Settings button on the Save tab of the Options dialog or press CTRL+SHIFT+X.

The following options enable you to customize the saving mode so that the resulting document is most suitable for later retrieval and processing:

Setting up the paper size

You may select the default paper size that will be used for saving in RTF, DOC or Word XML format. To do this, specify the required paper size in the Default paper size drop-down list.


  1. If you do not find a suitable paper size in the list, you can add your own - custom - paper size. In order to do this, select the Add custom paper size item from the list and in the dialog that appears specify the name, height and width for the custom paper size.
  2. If you want to retain the size of the original page, select the Keep original image size option.

Save mode

ABBYY FineReader offers you four PDF creation modes:

Tagged PDF

In addition to contents, PDF files can contain information about the document structure such as logical parts, pictures, tables, etc. This structure is expressed via "PDF tags". A PDF file equipped with the tags may be reflowed to fit different screen sizes and will be displayed well on handheld devices.

If you wish to save recognized text to a tagged PDF file, select the Enable Tagged PDF (compatible with Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above) option and ABBYY FineReader will automatically add PDF tags to the output PDF document.

Picture and fonts settings

If the recognized document contains many pictures, you can reduce the size of the resulting file: select the desired picture quality and format in the Picture and font settings group.


Three quality levels are available in the Quality drop-down list. Select:

The higher the value you choose from the Quality drop-down list, the higher will be the quality of the pictures you save. The size of the file is also affected by this value: the higher the value, the larger the file you get.

Tip. In order to tune the best 'size/quality' proportion , try to save the recognition results with different Quality values, and then open them in an image viewing application.


As a rule, ABBYY FineReader selects the picture format automatically. To ensure that this is the case, make sure that the (Automatic) item is selected from the Format drop-down list.

If you wish to set up the format manually, select one of the following items:


When saving the recognized text to PDF format ABBYY FineReader uses the standard Adobe Acrobat fonts or system fonts. In the Font drop-down list, select:

By default ABBYY FineReader embeds the fonts into the resulting PDF document. Embedded fonts ensure that the PDF document looks exactly like the original regardless of where it is viewed or printed. However, embedded fonts increase file size. If you do not need to embed fonts to your PDF documents, clear the Embed fonts option.


When saving recognized text to PDF format you can use passwords that will prevent the PDF document from being opened, printed or edited.

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