Adding Bussiness Cards Images to a Batch

The most efficient way of inputting business cards is to fit as many cards as possible onto the scanner plate. After input, though, each card should be recognized as a separate page (particularly if de-skewing has been done). You may choose either automatic or manual splitting tools to separate the business card image into individual cards.

Note: This process requires that the cards be arranged in a specific order. Consult the “Working with Business Cards” section in the ABBYY FineReader Tutorial for more information.

To split the image:

  1. Select the image in the Batch window.
  2. Select Split Image from the Image menu to open the Split Image dialog.
  3. Click on Split business cards.


  1. This process removes the split page from the batch and replaces it with individual card images. For more detailed information, see the "General Information on Working with Batches" section.
  2. If the image has been split incorrectly, try to split the image manually by using the Add vertical separator/Add horizontal separator button.
  3. In order to delete all separators, click the Remove all separators button.
  4. To move a separator, switch to Select separator mode (click the button).
  5. To delete a separator, switch to Select separator mode (click the button) and move the separator outside the image.