General Information on Working with Batches

ABBYY FineReader automatically creates a new batch upon starting. You can either work with this batch or create a new batch.A batch may contain up to 9,999 pages.

Tip: Saving similar–type pages (e.g. pages from the same book, those written in the same language, or those with a similar layout) in the same batch is often useful, since it streamlines the work process.

The Batch window displays a list of the pages contained in the open batch. To view a page, click on its icon or double–click on its page number. All files related to this batch page will open in the appropriate windows, i.e. the text file in the Text window, the image file in the Image window, etc.

There are two ways of displaying pages in the Batch window:

Batch View  Description
Thumbnails Batch pages are displayed as thumbnails (a miniature image of the original page). Additional icons appear on the thumbnails as the images are processed, to provide information about which actions have been performed on them (e.g. recognition, saving, etc.). Thumbnail images are particularly useful when searching for a particular batch page. To open an image, click on its thumbnail.
Details This view provides detailed information about each batch page in the batch window and offers page lists organized by a user-specified feature. The batch window accommodates a large number of pages, which is useful when organizing large batches. Open a page by double clicking on it.

To choose the page view in the Batch window:

To customize the Batch window to display specific features or sort according to certain criteria:

You may select several different pages, or a number of consecutive pages, or all of the batch pages in a row:

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