Custom Automated Tasks

You can create your own automated tasks to suit your document processing needs. You can add more steps to your automated tasks than are available in the five automated tasks which ship with ABBYY FineReader. For example, you can add the step of checking the recognition results or add multiple saving steps to save your document in several formats.

The sequence of steps in an automated task must follow the usual order of  processing a document in ABBYY FineReader: acquiring an image - recognition - checking the results - saving the results.

Each new step is added with default properties. You can change the properties to suit your needs.

An automated task may contain main and additional steps.

Main steps

The main steps are: acquiring images, recognition, and saving. One automated task may include only one step of acquiring images, one recognition step, and several saving steps.

Additional steps

Additional steps of an automated task are used to send the recognized text to an external application, attach the acquired image or the recognized text to an e-mail message, and copy ABBYY FineReader batches.


Automating a Task