Manual Data Input

You can enter the data into each field manually, by typing it. The data input and editing is performed in form mode.

Click a field in order to enter data into it. The selected field is highlighted in yellow.

In order to move to the next (previous) field:

If the field contain cells, each character you entered will be placed into a separate cell. If the field is a multi-line field, you must press ENTER when you like to enter a new line. In case you enter excess characters - more characters than the length of a cell field or more lines than a multi-line field properties specify, the data you input is cut.

Filling in the fields

Text field

List field

  • Click the arrow to the right of the List field and select the necessary value from the list displayed.
    If the necessary value doesn't feature in the list, add it.

Date field

  • Click the field. The current date in the  selected format will be displayed.

In order to choose other date:

  • Click the arrow to the right of the field and select the necessary date from the displayed calendar.

Checkmark field

A checkmark field may be either "checked" or "not checked". To switch between the values, press the spacebar or click the field.